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Check The Service Department First. Just like the auto mobile you drive. There is a great difference in what you buy and who you buy a pool table from. Best Quality Billiards has been in the pool table /customer sales and service business for over forty years. We have built Denver's Pool Table super store with over 7500 square feet of showroom and warehouse space dedicated to buying and servicing pool tables, billiards tables & billiards supplies. We have a great visual starting point and the areas best selection for your next game room. Stop by and visit. We invite your design ideas, budget, and game room wants and needs, together we will build a lasting choice, built on a solid reputation... not to mention Colorado's finest selections of Pool tables by Brunswick, A. E. Schmidt & Presidential Pool Tables. Best Quality Billiards for all your game room needs.


Pre-planning guide

The playfield surface of a pool table is the inner two measurements length and width. We measure from the rail point to the opposite rail point. So if you are calling regarding service and a recover grab a tape measure and let us know the "playfield surface". For Minimum Room Size we use the chart supplied playfiled chart click here but it's not absolute.

Your Billiards Room Design... Prior to your visit, document your room size ~ Draw a picture, add the room dimensions and include any unmovable objects or challenges, nothing fancy, just the basic facts and then drop by and see us.

With Your Quick Diagram~ and perhaps a couple color samples, we can help you determine the perfect lighting, colors, furniture and correct size pool table and placement for best playing scenarios that will fit your budget and decor.

For those smaller rooms or obstructions, keep in mind the standard size pool cue is 57 inches. However the 52 inch cue and the 48 inch cues we carry can be used for restricted shots.

Our professional, courteous staff will assist with making the right choice for you. With Best Quality Assistance you will enjoy your pool table for years to come. Our attention to the details is what makes Best Quality Billiards~ The Best!

When you're ready... call us we are here to help 303-233-2557

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Best Quality Billiards is Denver's Complete Sales and Service Pool Table Company!

We never use subcontractors in your home!

At Best Quality Billiards, we believe in having our own fully trained technician to perform all on site and in store service to meet the highest standard of quality service for our customers.

For more information please visit our service page.

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